Membership Form

  1. Download the membership form by clicking on the following link: INSTITUTIONAL MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM
  2. Fill the membership form.
  3. Send the filled form to [email protected]

Membership Benefits

  • Opportunity of Participation for faculty and students in AMDIP organized or supported events.
  • Subsidized registration fee for faculty and students in AMDIP organized events.
  • Receiving notifications through email of upcoming academic and research conferences, workshops, seminars and training and development sessions organized or supported by AMDIP and member institutions
  • Circulation of call for papers and announcements of academic events of member institutions in all business schools across Pakistan through email and post mail.
  • Promotion of conferences, colloquiums, workshops and other events on AMDIP website, newsletter and social media channels.
  • Opportunity to collaborate in AMDIP organized and supported events.
  • Use of AMDIP logo on institution’s website and promotional material.
  • Receiving the AMDIP newsletter free of cost.
  • Listing of institution’s published journals in AMDIP database of journals. 
  • Access to AMDIP database of journals.
  • Inclusion in nationwide faculty and student exchange program.
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